Project Spotlight: El Segundo, California

Project Spotlight: El Segundo, California

Trex Privacy Fencing is incredibly popular in California and it’s not some short-lived trend. More and more homeowners are choosing Trex as their first fence in a new home, to replace an old, broken down fence, or even to install a pool fence. Trex Fencing is made up of quality composite materials and many clients find the 25-year residential warranty especially appealing. We’re featuring this beautiful fence located in El Segundo, California as an example of what to expect when you have a Trex Fence.

Why Trex Privacy Fencing?

When building a new fence, it’s natural to do some research to determine which fence is right for you. Very few people will call the first fence contractor they find on google and ask them to install whatever fence they think is best. Most people spend time researching both the contractor and the fence type that will fit their needs and their budget. Fencing is a large purchase and it’s perfectly reasonable to take your time with the big decision. But Trex is such a great fencing material that we’re never surprised when a customer ultimately chooses Trex. This homeowner in El Segundo, California was most interested in Trex’s low-maintenance qualities. No painting or staining is ever needed, unlike a wood fence. While vinyl fencing doesn’t need staining either, it’s not really low-maintenance when you’re constantly repairing it. Trex was also chosen over vinyl because it has a more classic wood-like appearance, something that doesn’t look like cheap plastic. And unlike the thin and hollow vinyl fencing, Trex is solid and dense and does a much better job at blocking ambient noise.

Project Spotlight: El Segundo, California 1

This homeowner planned to replace their old wood fence with Trex Composite Fencing.

Project Spotlight: El Segundo, California 2

Unlike wood, Trex won’t peel or split, and this rich color will last without staining.

The Contractor Experience

Greg Ethenoz at Beyond Decks was the contractor and installer on this job. It’s just as important to choose the right contractor as it is to choose the right fencing material. Greg is best known for his deck, patio covers, and deck-over-seawall installations (check out his YouTube channel), and has worked with Trex Decking for over 11 years. His quality craftsmanship and his appreciation for Trex is what led him to add Trex Fencing to his portfolio. Greg highly recommends Trex Fencing to all those who are looking for a quality fence. His tip to homeowners is to budget for a good fence, rather than leaving it as an afterthought when you are building your home or redoing your landscaping. Often times people will prioritize their deck and when it comes time to build your fence, all you can afford is a cheap fence that you’ll have to replace in a few years. It’s better to build the best fence now and never worry about it again.

Project Spotlight: El Segundo, California 3

This old wood gate was warping and unstable on its hinges.

Project Spotlight: El Segundo, California 4

Trex Fencing has a very similar design to the classic wood fence, but it doesn’t experience the same warping over time.

The Installation and the Final Product

For this El Segundo residence, approximately 200 feet of Woodland Brown Trex Seclusions Fencing was used. The vertical style Seclusions gives the classic appearance of a board-on-board fence. Because of the sloping in the yard and the masonry wall along a portion of the perimeter, the installation of this Trex Fence was unique. The height of the fence varied throughout the yard. In some places, the fence was as tall as 8ft. When installed on top of the existing concrete wall, the Trex Fence was only 4ft high. When a yard has a minor slope like the one here, Greg recommends stepping the fence for a cleaner look, and to ensure there are no gaps underneath the fence. Another great feature of Trex is how easy it is to work with. It can be cut to any height, stepped or sloped, installed in the dirt or on top of concrete. For this job, Trex Fencing was even used as an enclosure for pool equipment. The final result is beautiful. The appearance of a classic wood fence with none of the maintenance. This client will never have to deal with warping, rotting, painting or staining and their fence will always be private and secure.

Even though this yard is on a slope, the Trex Fence was stepped on top of the existing masonry wall for a clean, modern look.

If you’re interested in your very own Trex Privacy Fence and you live in the Thousand Oaks area, visit our Southern and Central California website. If you don’t live in California, don’t worry, we have great Trex contractors all over the nation. Contact us to find a Trex Friendly fence company near you.


Project Spotlight: El Segundo, California