Trex Fencing Survives a Texas Tornado

Trex Fencing Survives a Texas Tornado

We take pride in selling Trex Fencing because we know it’s a great product. We often hear positive reviews from satisfied customers, but the story of Bonnie G. from Crowley, Texas was something that had to be shared. She wrote ”I have a beautiful Trex Seclusions fence around my backyard. In a recent tornado, my house was severely damaged and 2 of the bottom rails of the fence had to be replaced. Work was done by Buzz Fence Company in Fort Worth, who also did the original installation. All of my neighbors’ fences were blown down, but mine stayed put.  I’m proud of my fence.”We were thrilled to hear that Bonnie is proud of her fence, but we can’t say we were surprised.

Trex is a product that is built to survive all the extremes of nature, including the tornado and hurricane force winds. No one should be looking out their window during a storm only to find that their fence is flying through their yard. Trex is strong, tested to wind speeds up to 110 mph and wind gusts to 130 mph. Click here to view the independent wind-load testing results. Often, fences require gaps to allow some wind to pass through, rendering them semi-private, but the special design of the Trex Seclusions and the Trex Horizons fences allow for complete privacy, while also still being windproof.  Trex is a wind resistant fence because the composite material is strong, durable and much thicker than other products on the market. And Trex guarantees that your fence will stay safe and secure with a 25-year residential warranty.  Whether you’re living in Tornado Alley or just a windy part of town, Trex is the best fence for you.

But we can’t take all the credit. Buzz Custom Fence installed this Trex Seclusions fence and quickly replaced the 2 bottom rails after the storm. We’d like to thank Buzz Custom Fence for the installation, repairs and their representation of Trex Fencing. We are proud to be partnered with this great company.

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About Buzz Custom Fence

Buzz Custom Fence is a family-owned business started in 1999 by Denise and Eric Schrader.  Together, they have built a company staffed by hard-working individuals who work together as a team to provide beautiful fences and gates for homes, schools, and businesses all over North Texas.  Among our many options for fencing, we are proud to partner with Trex to offer visually stunning and durable composite fences.

The slogan, “We promise a lot and deliver more” is the goal for every job, no matter how large or small.  Our commitment to value and complete customer satisfaction is upheld by every employee and proven by the many awards we have received and happy customers we have served.  When you see a beautiful fence, look for the “Buzz” sign on it!”

If you’re in the Northern Texas area and are interested in your very own tornado-proof Trex Fence, contact Buzz Custom Fence.

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Trex Fencing Survives a Texas Tornado