Trex Fencing for Universities and Colleges

Trex Fencing for Universities and Colleges

A Few of Our Clients

Universities and colleges throughout the country have used Trex Fencing for a variety of applications. It makes sense that these institutions would utilize a product uniquely positioned to meet the needs for campus projects. Whether it’s sustainability initiative or a need for maintenance cost reductions or fully opaque, durable barriers, Trex Fencing integrates well into any institution’s plans.

Trex Fencing carries a 10-year commercial warranty. It is easy to install and most our clients are able to include their projects in capital budgets, whereas finished masonry requires more comprehensive planning and is more costly. Facilities managers, campus architects, planners, or others responsible for evaluating and procuring products for improvements, please fill out the contact form below or call us at 877-700-8739.

If your institution is interested in establishing a supplier-buyer agreement, please submit a credit application request.

Customer Spotlight – Louisiana State University 
  • 10′ tall utility enclosure for sorority house
  • Equipment enclosures for academic building and sports facility
  • Outdoor volleyball stadium privacy screens
  • Area fencing in various locations

Trex contributes up to five LEED points

  • 95% recycled content (2 applicable points)
  • Regionally sourced materials (2 applicable points)
  • Innovation in design (1 applicable point)
Standard designs are vertical or horizontal privacy fences (customization is possible)
  • Heights up to 12′ tall
  • High wind load resistance and sound dampening
  • Cost-savings through longevity and virtually no maintenance (no painting or staining; no rot, cracking, warping)
  • Same look on both sides
  • 10-year commercial warranty
The university benefits by establishing a terms and a supplier-buyer agreement with FDS Fence Distributors
  • Best price point
  • No requirement to prepay or stock
  • Direct support from technical/development team


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Your sample packet will include all three colors and brochures. The samples will help you understand the unique design of the Trex interlocking picket system.  A tabletop display is also available for a full system evaluation.

Pictures of Trex Fencing samples

Do You Have A Design Plan?

An example of project sheet for a renovation plan that includes Trex Fencing

If you represent a university or college that is in need of fencing, trash or equipment enclosures, or privacy screens, we can help. Trex Fencing is a versatile product that can be adapted to a variety of height and design configurations. Are you working on a LEED Project? Trex Fencing can contribute up to five points. And with no need to paint or stain the product, installing Trex is a responsible way to utilize a sustainably sourced recycled product that is produced through green manufacturing methods. That also means energy and resource consumption is reduced in the future.

You will find resources on this page such as an architect’s booklet, technical drawings and specifications, and a gallery of projects. For any additional technical questions, please contact our Trex Fencing experts at 877-700-8739.

Green Scholarships

Does your university have sustainability programs and environmental studies degrees? Your students may be qualified for a scholarship from FDS Fence Distributors. Contact us for an application: fds@trexfencing.com.

FDS Trex Fencing Scholarship Fund for Sustainability Educational Programs

Project Spotlight

Every university has enclosures for trash containers, utility equipment, and storage. With full opacity and the ability to be constructed up to 12′ tall, Trex Fencing is a preferred product that provides high durability and a more natural finish than masonry. For this project, Century Fence constructed an enclosure for generators at Lawrence University in Wisconsin. Contact Century Fence if your institution is in Wisconsin and need an installer:  (262) 547-3331.

A generator enclosure made from Trex Fencing at Lawrence University in Wisconsin

University Project Gallery

Universities and colleges use Trex fencing in a variety of applications. Here are installation project images from some of our clients. Do you represent a university that has installed Trex fencing? We’d love to highlight your project. Submit pictures and project details through our Project Spotlight page. 

Download Architect Booklet

Picture of the cover to the Trex Fencing Architect's Booklet

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