Horizontal Fence Gates

Horizontal Fence Gate

Part of having a beautiful fence is the continuity that your gate provides. A horizontal fence provides a sharp, contemporary look for your yard, and a horizontal fence gate should seamlessly complete the look that you’ve created. FDS Fence Distributors has everything you need to complete your Trex Horizons fencing system.

Horizontal Privacy Fence Gate

With a horizontal composite fence from Trex, you know that you’re getting a strong and durable fence that will maintain its strength and aesthetic for years to come. The Trex Horizons horizontal fence provides a strong perimeter for any enclosure with the privacy that you love. Horizontal privacy fence gates by Trex are no exception. The construction of the composite pickets for your horizontal fence and gate go together to create a seamless enclosure that keeps prying eyes out. You can also feel confident in the integrity of the materials as your pickets won’t warp or sag over time. Rather, your horizontal fence gate is resistant to bugs and will withstand punishment from the elements.

Get the ideal horizontal privacy gate to fit exactly what you’re looking for. With fence gate panels that can be as short as three feet or as tall as eight, you can match the height of the rest of your fencing system. Additionally, make a selection to get the appropriate width of your gate. Whether you’re looking for a small opening to give access to family members to your backyard or need a gate that is wide enough to accommodate a car or RV, you’ll find what you need with FDS Fence Distributors. Choose your horizontal fence gate size with options that include a standard or large width, then go beyond that with a double gate panel.

In addition to your horizontal privacy fence gates, FDS Fence Distributors has all the accessories and hardware you need. You can replace a gate handle, install an anti-sag cable kit for peace of mind, or make one of your double-width gate panels stationary with a drop rod assembly. Trex Fence hardware provides the same durability that you have come to expect from Trex horizontal fences.

Shop for your horizontal privacy fence gate and everything you need to go with it with FDS Fence Distributors. If you need any help finding what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-877-700-8739. You can also send us an email directly to Info@TrexFencingFDS.com or use our simple contact form. We’re proud to serve our customers across North America with Trex Horizons horizontal fences and gates.

Keep your fence looking beautiful with a modern horizontal fence gate. FDS Fence Distributors can help.