Project Spotlight – AAA Quality Fence – Lafayette

Project Spotlight – AAA Quality Fence – Lafayette

I had an opportunity to visit a residential fence installation during a regional trip last week. The fence was constructed by local fence contractor, AAA Quality Fence, around a home in beautiful Lafayette, Louisiana.  The installed fence represented several hundred feet of six foot and eight foot tall fencing with gates and a couple of utility screens. Woodland Brown was the selected color. Much of the fence runs behind the home providing a natural-looking, distinct backdrop to the area. The home adjoins a school so privacy was a factor in choosing the fence. Trex Seclusions provides full privacy as well as some sound suppression.

A Trex composite fence in Lafayette, Louisiana separating a homeowner property from a school

It is always a pleasure to visit customers’ installation sites and this trip was particularly enjoyable given how attractive the Lafayette community is. Lafayette is a mid-sized city about 120 miles west of New Orleans and about 30-40 miles from the Gulf of Mexico coast. Lafayette is considered to be the center of Acadiana, which is the French Louisiana (Cajun) region.  With Spring well underway, the magnolias were at the end of their blooming season but there were still a few flowers here and there. Lafayette is home to many native species of large trees including an astonishing oak that grows next to the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist in the downtown area. The tree is approximately 500 years old and has a canopy that stretches over 200 ft. with a circumference in excess of 28 ft.! If you are in the area, the Cathedral and the property around it are definitely worth visiting.

The outside of the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist in Lafayette Louisiana
The St. John Cathedral Oak, a 500-year-old oak tree in Lafayette Louisiana

About AAA Quality Fence. AAA is an experienced contractor based in Lafayette. The company has been in business since 2003 and the owner, Hans Weber, is present during the entire installation process for every job to ensure that they are built correctly, as evidenced in the installation highlighted above. AAA Quality Fence has built Trex fences in other parts of the city.

Project Spotlight – AAA Quality Fence – Lafayette