Project Spotlight: Alleyway Fencing

Project Spotlight: Alleyway Fencing

We’ve featured Trex Privacy Fencing in large, landscaped yards, businesses with hundreds of feet of perimeter fencing, and backyards with beautiful pools surrounded by Trex. This Baltimore alleyway yard and Trex Fence might be compact, but there’s nothing small about the impact. In cities where everything seems crowded and real estate is valuable, it’s important to make the most out of your property. A Trex Fence can enhance curb appeal, provide privacy and security, and significantly reduce the hours spent on maintenance and repairs. For homeowner Chris, Trex was the clear choice for his back alley fencing.To begin this project, the existing chain link and old wood fence were removed. Continental Landscaping then installed the 6ft tall Saddle colored Trex fence and the existing concrete posts worked well as accents. It only took 80ft of Trex Seclusions to transform this small space. And because Trex has the same board-on-board look on both sides, it’s considered a neighbor-friendly fence. Chris chose Trex because of its strength and durability, as well as its clean, classic appearance. And he is happy to report that, six months later, his Trex Fence has held up well and still looks great. 

Project Spotlight: Alleyway Fencing 1

Before, this yard was little more than a parking space.

Project Spotlight: Alleyway Fencing 2

The view from above shows off the 6ft tall Trex Seclusions Fence with the concrete posts.In addition to the new Trex Fence, cosmetic upgrades were also made to this small yard. The ground was leveled and bricks were laid. A raised garden bed was installed along the side, perfect for decorative plants or a small vegetable garden. Other potted plants and trees were placed around the perimeter to add greenery and the Trex Fence is the perfect background. There was even enough space for a grill, a table and chairs, and a parked car. And while the yard is still open into the back alley, Trex’s interlocking pickets provide some privacy for a family BBQ or late night drinks with friends.

Project Spotlight: Alleyway Fencing 3

After Trex Fencing was installed, this yard was transformed into a space to be enjoyed.

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Trex Privacy Fencing in the color Saddle is a beautiful backdrop for this garden.A unique issue with alleyway fencing is the possibility of a car bumping into the fence. We would never suggest deliberately hitting a fence and every fence, even a concrete wall will sustain some damage after a substantial hit. But for those less forceful nicks and scrapes in a small alleyway, Trex is more durable and sturdier than vinyl and wood. This testimonial by a car dealership with Trex Fencing shows exactly what Trex can handle. 

Landscape and yard size doesn’t really matter when you have the right tools and a good plan. From a rolling farm to a city alleyway, any space can be a backyard escape, with Trex.

Project Spotlight: Alleyway Fencing