Project Spotlight : Mountaingate – Reno, Nevada

Project Spotlight – Mountaingate – Reno, Nevada

Reno, Nevada is home to a wide array of attractions including museums, art, sports, and music, but most notably their casinos. Beyond the bright lights of the city, Reno also showcases many natural beauties, including the breathtaking Lake Tahoe. Nevada also holds a wealth of homeowners associations. In Nevada, HOAs are abundant, with six in 10 homes belonging to a homeowners association.Most homeowners associations (HOAs) have a similar set of goals for housing developments: maintain property value, create aesthetic cohesion, and foster a sense of community.  Amidst the wealth of Nevada HOAs, the community of Mountaingate presents some unique design choices using Trex. Mountaingate HOA, located in South Reno, Nevada, created an idyllic community meeting these goals with quality and stylish homes, beautiful landscaping, stunning natural backdrops, all securely encompassed by Trex fencing.  

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Ryder Homes, a building firm founded in 1959, constructed the beautiful Nevadan community of Mountaingate. Located just north of Arrowcreek Parkway, Mountaingate features beautiful natural landscapes with clear views of Mount Rose and the Virginia City Highlands. Ryder Homes clearly sought to infuse this community with some local flavor with many homes featuring clay shingles, neutral stucco exteriors, shutter-style windows, and Latin-inspired exterior archways.

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Photo Retrieved from: www.ryderhomes.com
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Adding to the overall aesthetic of the development, Trex fencing was selected as the perimeter fence. This Trex fence features our Saddle shade, providing a rich color while blending in perfectly with the natural scenery. The clean Seclusions design adds polish to the development complementing the overall aesthetic, not only meeting the expectations of the builders, but also the HOA and its residents.HOAs and homebuilders share a common goal to create a well designed and tasteful community appearance.  However, HOAs will be the ones faced with future repairs and maintenance of the development. Trex fencing not only provides aesthetic appeal to fit most design styles, but will also withstand wear and tear for years without the need for regular repair, relieving financial strain from homeowners. Trex fencing also provides security and full privacy with its interlocking picket design to create a more secure community.

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Project Spotlight : Mountaingate – Reno, Nevada