Trex Seclusions and Horizons: Designed for Fencing

In 2005, Trex saw the need for a dedicated fencing product and created Trex Seclusions Fencing. Since then, it has become the premiere composite fencing system. From time to time, we see projects that use composite deck boards to recreate a composite fence look, particularly before Trex w/Horizons was introduced in 2015. While many composite deck boards are quite fetching and detailed in design, there are some clear disadvantages to building a composite deck board fence.



Most manufacturers don’t recommend using decking as a vertical surface. Posts and framing need to be spaced closer to help avoid sagging or warping. Typically, manufacturers recommend joist or post attachment points for their decking boards at 16 in. on center or less compared with 8 ft. nominal (97 in.) centers on a Trex w/Horizons fence.



Composite deck boards are more expensive per square foot than Trex Fencing. The cost adds up quickly when you figure that each fence panel takes the same amount of area as a 6′ x 8′ deck. There is more composite material in a deck board than an interlocking picket making the deck board heavier. Since Trex Fencing is engineered to interlock, it creates more durability without being bulky and heavy. Additionally, installing necessary steel or wood back framing adds more labor, and more cost.



The Trex Fencing systems look the same on both sides. A fence built with decking boards will require back framing. Rot or rust over time can affect any wood or steel posts and framing used to secure a fence built with decking boards. Trex Fencing does not use any wood members and the only metal component is an aluminum bottom rail that will not rust.



In order to allow for expansion and contraction, fences built with decking boards require gaps between the boards, which reduces privacy. The Trex Fencing interlocking picket system accommodates the natural expansion and contraction of material and still provides full privacy.


So if you’re considering a composite fence that is low-maintenance, green, and stylish, remember Trex has a dedicated fencing system to fulfill any residential, commercial, or HOA needs.


Trex Seclusions and Horizons: Designed for Fencing