Privacy Fencing Considerations and More with Trex Fencing

Trex Fencing Offers Advantages Over Wood and Other Materials for Privacy Fencing

In thinking about a property in a high visibility area, Trex provides several unique benefits.  A property owner whose home or building is in an urban space or close to the fence line will always have privacy concerns. Homeowners with large backyards may have security needs on top of the desire to avoid being disturbed. With Trex’s fully private design, property owners have the peace of mind knowing that their investment will not lose its privacy benefit over time. Here are some unique benefits Trex provides.

  • The interlocking picket system completely blocks the view through the fence. Wood fencing is susceptible to shrinkage and can create unpleasant gaps that reduce privacy. Even a board-on-board design in wood isn’t fully private as wood pickets tend to warp creating gaps as well.
  • The fence looks the same on both sides. Most wood fences have framing on one side, but with Trex, you will see the same elegant design as the passers-by on the other side.
  • Unlike wood fences where pickets are usually attached with nails or a significant number of screws, Trex is easy to disassemble if you need to replace some of the components. The interlocking system makes the fence secure, but if you need to take it apart, there’s no need to extract a large number of screws.
  • Trex provides better sound suppression than wood fences. While it won’t entirely eliminate street sounds it can muffle them more effectively.
  • Trex is much thicker than PVC vinyl. Kids kicking balls or throwing small rocks against the fence aren’t likely to break it in normal situations, whereas thinner products like vinyl fencing break more easily with similar force.
  • Trex can be painted. For example, if graffiti has adhered and can’t be removed, you can paint over the tagged area. You can’t do that effectively with PVC vinyl or similar manufactured products.
  • Unlike wood, Trex won’t rot, splinter, crack, or warp.
  • Block walls are susceptible to cracking as they settle. They also have a harsher look than a fence. If aesthetics are a big part of an owner’s decision, Trex soars past mere functionality.

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No Privacy with Wood

Over time wood pickets will shrink. Even if they are installed tightly originally, gaps will eventually develop which eliaminates the benefit of privacy.

Mind the gap!

True Privacy with Trex Fencing

A fully private fence with no gaps between pickets made from Trex Seclusions fencing.

An old wood fence that has gaps between the pickets because the wood has shrunk with age.

Even if the pickets are tight when they are first installed, wood fences will develop gaps as the pickets age because they shrink as they continue to dry out.

A fully private Trex fence in front of a Trex deck with lawn chairs

The Trex Fencing interlocking picket system eliminates gaps even if the material expands and contracts in temperature fluctuations. Trex is a completely private fence.

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Privacy Fencing Considerations and More with Trex Fencing