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Part of building a fence includes all the hardware and components that go with it. Trex Fence is no different. However, a Trex Fence is different in that your fence parts are manufactured to be as strong as the rest of your composite fencing system.
FDS Fence Distributors has everything you need for your fence. Our available fencing parts include fence brackets, gate handles, concrete post mounts, post caps, and much more. We can help you buy fence parts online and ship them to anywhere in North America.
All fencing parts by Trex are designed to fit the overall aesthetic of your fence and provide the durability that you expect. Your composite fencing system will be strong from top to bottom.

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If you’re buying a Trex Fence kit, then you’ll have just about everything you need to install your fence. However, if you bought individual fencing components, you’ll need to purchase fencing parts yourself. This includes fence gate parts, top rails, gate latches, and others. FDS Fence Distributors can help you shop to make sure you get all the fence parts you need to complete your installation.

You can also buy extra fence parts online to keep on hand in case of an emergency or if you’re looking to expand or upgrade your fence. From additional fence posts to a drop rod assembly, we have all the fence parts you need. If you have a Trex Horizons composite fence system, you can upgrade your fence posts to the black matte iron post to match the look of your black frame kit and create a little bit of a different look.

Easily expand your Trex Fence when you buy additional composite pickets, posts, and brackets. Trex Fence pickets can be bought individually for both the Seclusions and Horizons kits. This allows you to buy only the supplies that you need for your next project. If you’d like to install a second gate, you can always buy the gate and fencing parts necessary to create the new entrance that you need.

Find fence parts for sale with FDS Fence Distributors. We’re proud to offer fencing parts to customers all over North America. If you’d like assistance with finding the proper parts for your Trex Fence, please give us a call at 1-877-700-8739 or send us a message using our contact form. You can also send us an email directly to Info@TrexFencingFDS.com.

While all Trex fence parts are designed to go together easily, we understand if you’d rather have somebody else do your installation for you. FDS Fence Distributors can help you find a fencing contractor in your area.

Get fencing parts from FDS Fence Distributors, and we’ll make sure you have everything you need or extra on-hand in case of an emergency.