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Wondering where to buy Trex fencing? Whether you’re an avid DIY homeowner or you’re a busy fence contractor, the place to get your Trex privacy fence products is right here at FDS, the web’s preferred composite fence supplier. We ship all orders within eight business days, so you never have to worry about project delays when you use FDS. Additionally, we can ship orders to your home, your jobsite or a distribution site of your choosing for pickup. FDS makes working with Trex fencing easy.

Composite Fencing for Sale

When you’re on the FDS site looking at your options for Trex fencing, the most important decision you need to make is whether you want to go with Horizons or Seclusions fencing. Horizons is a Trex horizontal fence while Seclusions panels are vertical. The makeup of each fence is the same, but the design brings a particular feel to the property it is installed on. Choosing between Horizons and Seclusions fencing comes down to a homeowner’s personal preference.

While many homeowners go for the 6-foot or 8-foot Trex privacy fence panels, Trex fencing is available in heights up to 12 feet, including wall-toppers as narrow as 2 feet.

Trex Fencing Products & Accessories

Once you — or your client — decides on the type of Trex privacy fence they want, it’s time to shop for accessories.

Most fences have gates, and your fence plan might call for one or more Trex gates. FDS, a leading Trex fencing distributor, sells Trex gates in standard 6-foot and 8-foot heights, either single or double panel. You can add on an optional hardware installation kit as well, or you can shop separately for your own hardware if you prefer.

FDS also makes custom gates for homeowners and dealers needing a special size or style fence.

Trex posts are a necessity with Trex fencing — they hold the fence safely in place for years to come. Consider Trex post inserts for extra stability. FDS also sells Trex post caps in three styles to suit your design specifications.

Dealers can also use this area of our site to order color samples and tabletop display materials to use as sales and promotional tools.

You can find everything you need to install a Trex privacy fence on the FDS site.

Help from the Top Trex Fencing Distributors

When you’re online shopping for Trex fencing components and you need advice, don’t hesitate to reach out to our helpful team. You can ask questions via our contact us page, send an email to info@trexfencingfds.com or call us at (877) 700-8739. Operators are available from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. (Eastern time)Monday through Friday to answer your questions and to help installers, contractors and dealers set up an account with us to purchase Trex fencing products on credit.

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